Hardwood has been historically proved to be amongst the preferred types of flooring widely used not only in UK, but worldwide. It has a number of advantages, but probably the most important of them are the natural beauty of the hardwood, durability and ease of cleaning.

Nowadays there is almost unlimited selection of hardwood floorings for you on the market. They vary in size, colour, thickness, durability and price. I have worked all types of hardwood floorings and would be happy to share my knowledge and expertise on your choice of hardwood, depending on the purpose of the room and the anticipated floor loading.

There are still some common ideas that you should consider prior to deciding on the flooring, where it would be hardwood, laminate, tiling or other:

  • Not every room would take hardwood flooring – the rooms with more moisture are not appropriate for hardwood flooring (e.g. bathroom, kitchen)
  • Although classic and naturally beautiful, hardwood should be selected to match the style of the house or apartment
  • Again the floor surface needs to be properly prepared for hardwood flooring. Do not “trust” your eye on this, if you are not professional

Bencho Building Service would gladly provide help on all aspects of hardwood flooring – from selection to final decoration, feel free to contact us with such enquiries.