Although the bathroom is probably the least space taking premise in the apartment or house, it is far from being the least important. People should be very careful when selecting their shower, bathtub, floor and wall tiles, and last but not least – the mirror. Another important factor is the light – the appropriate selection of lamps and their configuration might make the bathroom shiny and bright.

Bencho Building Service has fulfilled a great number of projects including bathroom fitting, refurbishing and renovating. I have experience in every aspect of the work connected to finishing a bathroom – starting from preparing the walls and floor, through plumbing; tiling; fixing the wash-basin, shower, sink, bathtub, radiators; selection and mounting of accessories such as mirror, soapdishes, rod sets, etc.

I could provide all necessary fittings and accessories at very competitive prices, and of course if the customer desires I could only provide labour-only installation of already available items. Alternatively, I could offer technical assistance for those who want to undertake the task themselves and require the more technical aspects of the installation explained to them.

 Some general advices for a nice looking bathroom:

  • Fitting a larger mirror makes the whole bathroom look larger
  • Bright colours, such as white and pastel coloured tiles would make the premise look about 10% larger and easy to maintenance.
  • The appropriate location of the bathroom accessories would also contribute to a more spacious and convenient bath